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please add options for areas with surface edge mode for scaling and density/
Also need adding free paint areas mode for painting include/exclude areas, not only with splines


--- Quote from: Frood on 2021-12-10, 18:06:56 ---This one seems like an inherited defect from CoronaScatter. Trackview names are empty for ChaosScatter.

Good Luck

Edit: Sorry, this should rather go to

--- End quote ---
Hi Frood, done, thanks, this will be resolved in next Scatter daily.
UPDATE: released.


--- Quote from: arqrenderz on 2022-02-01, 23:52:52 ---Please add a Global Scale for the objects

--- End quote ---
Hi, what do you mean by global scale? You can scale your original model object and if you turn on Preserve model scale option it gets reflected in your scatter.

Anyway, thanks for your feature ideas. We are taking notes and will of course consider them for future versions.

I think that there's some problem with translation tab.
For example setting min 0cm and max 50cm on Z axis moves instanced objects just a little bit - like 0,5cm, definietly not 50cm.


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