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Direct visibility override doesn't work

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We confirm the first issue, the override does not work correctly on mac, most likely related to other "direct visibility not working" issues we have received from the last Daily. Thank you.
(Internal ID=632210137)

The second however, we cannot reproduce on our end, drag&drop works correctly, even prompts the question if I want to localize the image.

Thank you,

Please take a look at this video to see how it behaves for me:

I see, I thought you meant something similar to what I attach as a video (Not using the C4D content browser).
I will write this down as a Feature request as I believe this is behaving correctly based on original design, but we can talk about improving the workflow.


(Internal ID=635789780)

The same thing happens when I try to drag something in from the macos file browser (Finder)

We also encountered the same problem.
Using macos Big Sure and 4D cinema.


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