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Is there an issue with displacement in the latest build. I am just having a play with the new physical material but can't get decent displacement on new material or legacy material now.

Is it me or is this an issue? Cinema 4D S22 Corona Version: 7.0 daily Jan 22 2021


Would need to see the results you are getting, and what your material set up is (in particular with bitmaps or with procedurals or both, but also showing displacement strength values), with added bonus for showing what it looks like with the legacy material / old Corona version for comparison. Otherwise we are not sure what you meant by the displacement not being decent (not strong enough? Mapped incorrectly? Too blurred or soft? Too sharp?) Thanks!

i also get here and there errors like black spots, special of the mat uses SSS.

just add a c4d noise to dispalcement and a sss mat,and apply it to a cube, you will see the black or wierd spots on the edges

It is working but it seems that if it is a megascans material I have to push the displacement up high to get a decent effect whereas a substance material uses much lower settings. This may just be something I have not noticed before.

I have attached a slate wall texture on a 2m x 2m cube and the displacement needs to be at 20cm to get a decent effect.

new physical material as well...


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