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Version: 7.0 daily Jan 22 2021 Issues with Corona IR and Physical Materials

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Maybe a little flaky, and maybe not consistently reproducible. Right now I am working in Texture Mode and turning Tiling Off or On has no effect in Corona IR or scaling UVs for that matter. Must be stopped and restarted. I've noticed a few other glitchy things too, but cannot recall them exactly at the moment. I'll try to remember to log them when they occur.
Some might be me, as I am trying to learn how to use the new Physical Materials. Some times crashes C4D, sometimes Crashes my whole Machine. The new little help menus help a lot.

Remember, for crashes, send in the bugreports and/or minidumps, along with C4D version, Corona version, and what you were doing at the time. Thanks!

can you please elaborate "Texture Mode" and Tiling Off or On? Where exactly is that?
I've tested: Corona Bitmap, Corona UVW Randomizer, Material Tag and all have updated without an issue in IR.

Please, elaborate for us.

You know...TEXTURE MODE,maybe I'm calling it the wrong thing! Also Scaling the texture with Coordinates doesn't update in the Corona IR either.

I was only asking because I didn't encounter the same issue as you did, and thought maybe we were thinking about a different thing, no need to get hostile.
Please, take a look at the video attached and let me know if I am reproducing your issue correctly, I cannot see any issue with it.
I've tested this in V7 latest DB, V6 RC1, and in V7 pre-latest DB. In neither of those I am getting any issues.
Can you send a scene in which you reproduce this issue? I'll also let other team members try.



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