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Thumbs up for latest v7 update!...


Hi Team Corona,

HAPPY FRIDAY! I flagged a issue using Corona texture libraries from 3d party vendors. We did work out it had some problems with displacements. Only in IR window, not in final render. I can confirm from my end this is now fixed. Good work team :-)

It is fixed but not 100% I think.

Yesterday it worked as expected but today objects with displacement disappeared again in IR. So I tried to reproduce this issue.

- Created a new scene and material, activated displacement und applied it to a cube. - Worked as expected.
- Copied the same cube and material into a scene I created bevor latest daily. - disappeared again.

But I'm pleased with V7 so far, good work! I had a few crashes yesterday but I was not able to reproduce them.
Nice weekend to all of you!

Hi Lollolo,

I have had some issues with displacements still as well. But no were near as many textures disappearing. Defo better :-)


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