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C4D crashes when selecting "Corona Shared" Shader in material

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I have the following issue:

I downloaded i. e. the following material from the corona materials Website:

Obviously this material has been made with a prior version of corona. In the bump channel there is a "corona shared" texture loaded (showing only black!). When I now click on "select shader" Cinema 4D crashes.

I tried this with R21, S22 and R23 using the daily build 7 of corona renderer 6 on Mac OS 10.14.6.

When I open the Material in Node editor the corona shared texture isn't shown at all.
Actually I must admit that I don't quite know what this corona shared shader is good for. Obviously not all used textures are loaded properly…

I just checked: same problem if I try this on a whole new corona material which I created from scratch…

In order to allow one map to be plugged into multiple slots and/or materials, we have to create a Shared Shader to let that happen.

Previously, this shader would become visible in the node editor at times, though it is of no practical use to the user. This was fixed in the latest releases so that it is never visible and only exists under the hood and behind the scenes.

Probably a good idea to upload the scene and the bugreports.txt from the crash.

Actually this happens also in a blank new scene:

* create new corona material
* in the material properties activate bump
* in bump properties selsct texture > corona > Corona Shared
* click on the preview (black square) to get to the shader proerties
* now click on "select shader"
Now I get a "Cinema 4D: Application Error". The BugReport is attached…

Never try to create one manually :) It would be good to remove that option so we will look into that, but meantime there's no need nor use nor benefit to creating one, so simply don't create one :) (If one is needed, when working in the Corona Node Material editor, it will be created automatically and behind the scenes)

BTW, what happens if you work with your first problem material inside the Corona Node Material Editor?

The Corona Shared Texture doesn't show up in node editor.

The thing is that some "scratch" textures seem not to be shown in the material although there seems to be used some in the "tex" subfolder.

I attach this scene with the whole material as downloaded form


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