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Hi all,

we are releasing a daily build of the new version of Corona Renderer. Namely Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D. This build contains a few fixes as well as some changes from the Corona rendering core. The core changes will be added in the following days to the changelog, but in the meantime, you can merilly test the new build.

Do note, however, that we removed the Corona Standalone from the early builds of Corona v6 for now, due to technical reasons. We will add it back before the final release, so stay tuned!

Download link:

Hi @Corona Team!

Thanks first for the first release of the v6 - finally! BUT what is different to the last v5 of Corona? What are the "new features"?

Thanks so much!

The changes in this daily build are in the Changelog, which is also linked above. Since daily builds are always in-development releases, sometimes those are just bug fixes (like this one), sometimes those are just new features, sometimes a combination of each.
Ok Got it! Thanks for that.

I thought there are some implementations of the new Core or features which is used in the v6 of Corona in 3DS Max. Because at the moment its nearly impossible to work with a cad model of a car manufacturer which is almost 2.5gb big in the Interactive Rendering Mode. When I am working in Cinema 4D and the Interactive Renderer the changes I make in the materials or just the selection of an object in the viewport or Object Manager is very very slow. It often even crashes. In additon the speed of changing for example the camera angle and editing the Materials takes quit long IMO. Its a completely different workflow in 3DS Max and Corona than in C4D and Corona, unfortuanetly. Still. I really hope it will improve in the future. Sometimes I have to wait for 20 sec each time I select something. And that is quit annoying tbh. Please note I only mean the workflow with the Interactive Renderer and not the render speed on both sides. My machine has a quit good equipment I can say: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX with 128GB of RAM and a M.2 SSD and Windows 10 Pro is running. Maybe my question is in the wrong thread here if so you can remove or replace it. One thing not to forget: I am not complaining its just my opinion what can be impoved from my point of view because I am one of the users who uses Corona Renderer for EVERYTHING. It went that far that I have kicked every other Render Engine out of my pipeline. Thank you for this amazing product. Its my second life love.


Yep, we'll be seeing some of the new stuff in the core pop up in the C4D version. For those specific issues you mention, especially crashes, do you flag us with those via a ticket or forum post? E.g. for the crashes, seeing the bug report.txt is always enormously helpful. For scenes where things seem to be slower than they should, having THAT scene by private uploader is super helpful (because anything we create here may not have the one key thing about your scene that is having an impact). We know it takes time to report each issue separately, and give things like the scenes, bug report.txts etc, but without them we may never be able to replicate what you are experiencing so never be able to fix it.

If you have reported those in tickets and forum posts, feel free to add links to those here if you feel they were sent in a while back but haven't been followed up on!


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