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Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-02-27) (

Edit: Updated with changes and fixes that were included with the switch to the new Corona rendering core.

* Fixed:
* Fixed crash in IR, when rendering with soft selection
* Fixed rendering of projector shader
* Fixed occasional freezes when dragging connections in material node system
* Fixed blurring of caustics at the edge of the screen
* Fixed issue where light mix/postprocessing settings in VFB where not accepting values if mouse was outside of the VFB window
* Added:
* Introduced a new way to activate corona - you can set your email & password or a path to the licensing server to environment variable CORONA_ACTIVATION:
* For email and password, use format “email:password”
* For licensing server address, use format “LS:address”
* Added render stamp token %ptg which is replaced with the scene geometry preprocessing time (in milliseconds).
* Changed
* Temporarily removed Corona Standalone from the installer. We're currently doing a full rewrite of the Standalone code and it will be much faster if we don't need to maintain full backwards compatibility in every step during the development. The new version of standalone will be ready for v6 release.

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-05-06) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed bug where object base material was being rendered transparently when another material was stacked over it with disabled tiling
* Fixed environment override not being applied to a fully visible Corona Sky
* Fixed bug where changing sky material visibility didn't affect the corresponding Corona Sky visibility
* Corona and C4D sun visibility is correctly handled now, both in IR and in non-IR
* Fixed bug with incorrect mapping of displacement when last material with no displacement uses different mapping than material with displacement
* IR now reacts to movement of a keyframed camera
* Fixed black viewport previews in S22
* Fixed problem with Ray Switcher material not showing in viewport
* Added:
* Added new adaptive environment light sampler based on the one in V-Ray
* Noise clears up to 2x faster in interior scenes in general; up to 9x faster in certain extreme cases.
* The new solver is now used as default for all new and old scenes.
* This solver removes the need for portals.
* Changed:
* Removed portal material, because it is no longer needed due to new adaptive environment light sampler

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-05-29) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed intensity multiplier in Corona Sky in shader mode
* Changed:
* Corona VFB now shows renders with the same gamma correction as C4D Picture Viewer
* Saving from VFB now allows setting additional output options (e.g. JPG quality) and uses the same gamma correction as when saving via C4D

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-06-11) (

Edit: Updated with info about "Blue noise" sampler that was also introduced in this daily build

* Fixed:
* Improved performance in Corona VFB when using C4D colorspace
* Fixed crash when using render regions with caustics solver
* Fixed problem with licensing window not opening in S22 on MacOS X
* Added:
* Implemented new and improved Sun & Sky model
* Supports sun below horizon
* Current version does not support turbidity, but it will be added in next iteration of this model
* Can be selected by using "Improved" sky model in Corona Sky object (this is now the default)
* Can be selected by unchecking the "Use legacy color" checkbox in Corona Sun (legacy mode is available only in old scenes)
* Added Improved lens effects
* These include aperture editor accessible from Corona VFB
* Added (randomized) tiling support to Uvw Randomizer shader
* You can specify how many tiles to make
* Optionally each tile can have a different randomization applied
* See examples: Concrete, Default tile 5x vs RandomizedUVW_Marbles, Default tile 8x vs RandomizedUVW
* New secondary light solver: 4K cache
* Added new random sampler "Blue noise"
* It is the default sampler for new scenes
* Produces less visually distracting noise in low pass renders
* Examples: here and here
* Material dispersion Abbe number now support values lower than 10

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-06-30) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed crash when using WireColor pass in Multipass
* Fixed regression when Corona Sky was using previously configured texture/shader even when switched back to Physical mode
* Added:
* Added "Viewport resolution" option to Corona Sky in shader mode to allow adjusting preview quality in viewport
* Changed:
* Updated text options for Random sampler in Development/experimental settings
* Allow specification of seed in UVW randomizer in all modes when used for tiles randomization
* Reworked internals of material node system to improve stability and allow future improvements
* WARNING: the new node system saves data in a different format; if you use the node system in your scene and save with a daily build that's from Jun 30th onward, it will not load correctly in older daily builds from before that date!
* Stability improvements (fixes of crashes, materials rendering differently in viewport and VFB, parts of the node system not being updated etc)
* Materials with shared shaders should now correctly save and load in the content browser
* Partially fixed frequent nodes reordering when connecting/disconnecting nodes (some more improvements are yet to be done)
* Empty slot is now removed from the Layer shader when disconnecting shader
* Fixed problems/crashes when reconnecting shader from closed ports group into the same group once it was opened during mouse drag
* C4D Texture manager now displays all bitmaps used within the node system


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