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Will you teach me Corona online for 1 hour a week



Im searching for a part time Corona/C4D teacher who can teach me to do realistic materials and anything else necessary to get the kind of quality that I see from Corona Archviz galleries.

Ive worked as a Photoshop Retoucher and Ex Photographer for 20+ years.  Im trying to learn to do photo quality renders in Cinema 4D and I started learning Octane for GPU speed but I found it too complex even though I became friends with teachers such as Fabio Ciliberti and David Ariev.  My renders always look fake though.

Im prepared to pay well and directly with Bank Transfer after each individual lesson so this will be a nice little side hustle for the right person.   I suggest its done on Zoom, Teamviewer or whatever screen share app where you can control my screen and show me how to work my projects.  Also I will setup my machine (got a Mac or PC) in any way so you are familiar with the layout so we can work efficiently.  The basics ive learned already but I really need this help to learn how to achieve photo realism renders :)

If you can show me your work that would be great?



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