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"Clean MultiMaterial" utility of 3DS Max remove materials from Proxies


Had a bad surprise. "Clean MultiMaterial" utility from 3DS Max, when used on the whole scene, messes up all Corona Proxies multi materials.

Here's a list of symptoms I found:

-If the proxy has only a single material applied, it is fine.
-If the proxy has a "Multi/Sub-Object" material applied, then the utility removes all sub-materials except one (I didn't investigate which material it keeps, maybe the last one? idk)

3DS Max 2023
Corona 9

Aram Avetisyan:

I have tested this. It works unexpected - either last ID material left or the first - if the proxy display is set to any other than "Full Mesh".
If Proxy's display is set to Full mesh, it works fine.

While this is reported, I would advise to do the material clean up before exporting to CoronaProxy.

Hope this helps.

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