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v9 Corona Sun not always rendering (pos. driven by Xpresso from C4D phys sky)

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I am using some Xpresso to drive the Corona Sun position from the C4D Physical Sky (Time and location parameters)...  this is purely for the positioning of the Corona Sun, and should have no other effect.  Yet, when I am test rendering in VFB - most times the Sun will not actually render, unless I make some changes to the time/ and location parameters...  sometimes I will click forward an hour, and back again - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... 
I am not sure if this is the only case of the Corona Sun not rendering, but if so - what could possibly be the reason? 

I am not really knowledgeable in Xpresso, so perhaps it's something with the priority settings, which are currently set to "Expression - 0"

Any help appreciated, or if someone can confirm any issues with Corona Sun, that would also be useful.

Hi there, are you able to share a test scene for us to look into further?

I tried isolating out just the sun + XPresso setup, but when testing I am not able to reproduce the situation of the sun not actually rendering.  However, I noticed that there seems to be a refresh issue, with the sun position not updating in the VFB, unless I click somewhere else in the interface - this somehow "triggers" the correct sun location.
I'm attaching my test file.
For clarification, the XPresso setup is just a rangemapper function that drives the rotation of the Corona Sun, via a null placeholder in the C4D Physical Sky "Custom Sun Object" slot (FYI, not my setup, but I forgot who made it originally)

I recently tried to connect the Corona Sun to the default C4D Sun with its Sun Expression to define the day / time myself.
While testing it out I ran into the same problem, at least while I had the viewport rendering up and running ... the script didn't update the position for the Corona Sun as long as the rendering was active.
After I noticed that I switched to the non-live type of rendering everytime I changed the values :) Worked like a charm afterwards.

Does just putting a C4D sun tag on the Corona sun object also work in this case? Without the need of Xpresso?


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