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Scatter problem with splines


I am very lucky to have a project with hundreds of Olive trees in a 20 acres orchard. Incredible to see so many scattered trees (5 different trees by darstellungsart) and my Mac Studio uses only about 15Gb for C4D (out of 128Gb) to render at high res.

I scattered them along various splines. Worked out very well but:
adjusting a factor or frequency does not work at all
the scattered objects always seem to be randomly scaled even when scatter is set not to scale.
include and excl splines does not work with splines. So you can't make a hole through various splines to cut a path. Maybe better to grey these out when spline scattering is selected
it seems you can not set a wider than a 1000 mm for the splines near and far distance (in case you scatter on a surface). In my case that's not very wide.
would be nice use splines to scatter at a certain width around the spline with a set fall off. Or one spline to scatter two or more rows at a distance from one another.

Mac Studio 128Gb 20CPU / 48GPU
OS 12.4
CR version 9 23-22

Hi frv,

Thanks for your message. Are you able to supply a test scene that showcase these issues? Also, I am creating a support ticket on your behalf. Please feel free to continue the conversation there. Hope this helps.

Tx. I will try to but no time at the moment.
It was a rather large scene I was working on. I will try to see if these problems persist when I change trees for simple cubes.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I hope to hear from you soon :)

Hey, any updates here?


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