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macOs 10.15.7 / S24/ Version • 8 (Hotfix 1)
Since upgrading to hotfix 1 on Monday, Cosmos browser shows only the famous blank window. Today (Wednesday) “update to latest…" popped up and after updating, I only get
“There is a problem with Chaos Cosmos — undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.includes’)”
I only updated to hotfix 1 to see if this fixed the “immutable shader” issue.
So, Cosmos went from unusable in TR to completely unusable.
Is there a more stable solution planned? How do I switch to using my OS default web browser instead of the C4D built in cosmos browser?

There should be a fixed rolled out tomorrow, on the Cosmos side of things (so it won't involve any updates to Corona, may not even require an update to Cosmos on your machine either, we shall see). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Tom, looking forward...

Just to confirm, you won't even have to update the Cosmos browser - you would need to refresh it, or restart the host app, once the fix is rolled out which should be tomorrow morning. Which means if you shut C4D down overnight, all should be fine when you start things up tomorrow.

Just a note that this should be resolved (Cosmos may need refreshing, or just restart the host app). Let us know if you still have any problems!


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