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UVW randomizer error

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Something seems to have gone seriously wrong with CoronaUvwRandomizer map. Plugging the the same output to different slots yields different randomisation values. This is bonkers. Or am I going mad!?

without CoronaUvwRandomizer map:

with faulty CoronaUvwRandomizer map:

Is there a fix for this?
Thank you,

Hi, something does indeed seem wrong here. I tested this myself with both corona 6 and 7(hotfix 1), and it seems that displacement "ignores" the CoronaUvwRandomizer map.

However I can see that the "Autobump" part of the displacement is being randomized correctly.
This is leading me to believe that this is an order of operation sort of deal. Aka that Corona calculates Displacement before the randomizer, and the Autobump after.

Weirdly enough I did get it to produce expected result when using "Primitive" on the randomizer "Mode". But this is a pretty weird way to randomize something so not really helpful.

Yep, see:

Good Luck

Ah, yeah this is apparently not a priority. We'll just have to hope!


--- Quote from: philipbonum on 2022-05-11, 13:51:30 ---We'll just have to hope!

--- End quote ---

Discovered and logged during v7 dailies.

v7 final: no fix
v7.1: no fix
v8 dailies: no fix
v8 final: no fix
v9 dailies: no fix
v9 final: no fix
v9.1: no fix

Good Luck...


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