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Corona Slicer Material playground!

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I haven't used this yet.........but holy heck it looks like the shit! We've been needing something like this for awhile now.


--- Quote from: marchik on 2021-12-07, 17:34:26 ---So, if I understand correctly, we cannot leave the light calculation unchanged and the slicer cannot be used as a "complex plane for camera clipping", or I missed smth?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I've had the same question.
Thanks to Ondra for the tip on how to do this.

Slicing things in half is fun.

Im glad this feature is finally getting worked on :) It would be great if the caps could retain the material of the object they belong to. Im not sure if thats already a thing but i couldnt see an example of that up there.

That's already possible. My example above, does exactly that.


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