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Aram Avetisyan:

--- Quote from: romullus on 2023-02-05, 14:53:09 ---Just discovered that if you include parent object in Slicer's include/exclude list, then its effect propagate to child objects as well. If it's not the limitation of 3ds max itself, then it would be nice to have an option to affect only included object without its child.

--- End quote ---

Hi, thanks for checking this.
It is now reported.
A checkbox to affect children or not may be a good idea.

(Internal ID=1051616618)

That would be sweet indeed. Thank you!

I have an Autocad file as a dwg link in max. Working units are in mm.

Assigning a UVW (modifier) gives a normal result without using the slicer material. (left image)  Using the slicer material however makes the UVW oversized on the sliced parts. (right image) Sliced faces are marked red.

Coronaslicermtl options: cap sliced geometry on, override cap material off, no exclusions, assigned to a simple 3ds max box. Insulation material is non real world scale, tiling 1/1 and UVW modifier with the correct scale in mm's. Issue also happens on simple 3ds max objects. Not only on dwg links. Also tested it with real-world scale, same results.

Slicer capping gets its UV coordinates from the slicer object, so you need to adjust its UVs to get desired scale.

Ah, that does the job.Thanks!

Well, knowing there are multiple objects with multiple UVW's being sliced using 1 coronaslicermtl-object ... Can a checkbox "Use target UVW's" being added to the Coronaslicermtl?


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