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The new slicer is amazing, really useful new feature!
I have one question: is it possible to have displacement on the slicer object. For me it seem that displacement works properly on the object which I sliced from but it isn't visible on the slicer.
Did I do something wrong?



--- Quote from: giza on 2021-12-26, 18:09:29 ---Hi,

is there any specific rule about the geometry that gets sliced with this new material?
I was testing it with a file where the mesh is imported from ArchiCAD (walls of the apartment) and as you may see in the attached screenshot it makes some weird spots here and there for some reason. It is same in interactive and regular rendering.

--- End quote ---
Fixed in the latest daily which you can find here:

Let me know if you still have issues.

it wil be possible to include/esclude also an xrefscene from slicer material?

I'm so glad this feature will finally be implemented! Will save many headaches.

In its current form, can the coronaslicer only cap in one colour? For the icing on the cake, is there a way to set up multiple cap colours?

Currently when using the slice modifier, I simply create a 2 mat multi-subobject material to give the sliced part of an object a different colour. (Slice modifier + cap typically assigns mat id 2). This allows you to differentiate between sliced, nested objects and have the slice plane as an instanced modifier.

Attached is a crude example

Only way I could think of is to duplicate the slicer, use include exclude list as to which objects each one affects.


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