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Corona Slicer Material playground!

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--- Quote from: romullus on 2021-12-10, 10:40:28 ---That's already possible. My example above, does exactly that.

--- End quote ---

Oh ok i had assumed there were multiple slicers at play there, Nevermind!


--- Quote from: Jpjapers on 2021-12-10, 12:04:50 ---there were multiple slicers at play

--- End quote ---

As you can see in the picture: obviously only one chain saw ;]

Good Luck

Haha, actually Jpjapers is right, i used couple slicers there. The second one was dedicated specifically for the rear seat, as i wanted to adjust UV mapping for better looking capping. Nevertheless, no special cap material was used.

BTW, i would like to ask devs if there's something can be done to improve capping of intersecting meshes. Currently it gives pretty messy result, as you can see from engine block and gearbox.

hi, good work on this.
Would it be possible to have an option to ignore xref scenes? For example, cut the walls of an appartment but not the furniture of the xref...


First- amazing!  This is a totally new way to approach imagery and very very excited about it!  One issue(and this was sort of mentioned regarding intersecting meshes) is to figure out how to handle situations like the attached.

Left bottle - no slicer
Second bottle - showing the effect on just the liquid - amazing, dream come true!!!
Third bottle - the 'error' when you introduce the glass bottle to the Slicer (this is because the liquid intersects with the walls of the glass for correct rendering)
Forth bottle - final (incorrect) result with the glass is ignored in the Slicer Material.  Since the cap is only taking place in the space between the glass walls.



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