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From the latest Corona Renderer 8 Daily Builds Changelog:

* Added new Corona Slicer Mtl   Download Link :

Corona Slicer can be found in "Materials>Corona>CoronaSlicerMtl"

How to use?

1. Create any polygon geometry which you want to use as a Slicer Object.
2. Create a new material "CoronaSlicerMtl" and apply to your slicer object.
3. Intersect your Slicer object with any object you want to slice.

So, if I understand correctly, we cannot leave the light calculation unchanged and the slicer cannot be used as a "complex plane for camera clipping", or I missed smth?

Try using it in rayswitcher, it should help


--- Quote from: Ondra on 2021-12-07, 17:37:09 ---Try using it in rayswitcher, it should help

--- End quote ---

Yes, sometimes I am not very quick-witted, I admit. :D Thanks, Ondra!

so far, the only thing I've found is that we cannot use displacement for this inside slice mtl, otherwise everything works as expected

dont worry, proper tutorials that will show this and more are coming in later ;)


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