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Crash while undoing moves made on standard spotlight target

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I'm getting a repeatable crash that I've narrowed down to the standard spotlight target (undoing moves made to it).  I've recorded a screen capture of it happening (attached).  I'll also attach the stripped down scene.  Software: 3ds Max 2022.1 with Corona 7 (Hotfix 1).

Steps to repeat:
Move the spot light target several times to build multiple undo points.  It often crashes on the first undo.  However, sometimes it's 3-5 undo's before it crashes.

Same here, spotlights always make my scenes to crash when undoing a movement.
3ds Max 2022 and Corona 7 HF1

Thank you very much for reporting this, we will investigate.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1127)

I've trained myself pretty well to not undo a move to the standard lights...but it still catches me from time to time.  Like just now.  So, while 3ds Max reboots, I figured I'd come here and check in on this bug.

FWIW, if you're wondering why I'd use the standard lights to begin with.  It's to give me control of the visibility of the light source while still giving a 'specular' contribution.  The standard lights with Corona shadows also give me control of the softness of the area shadow independently from the size of the light source.

Sorry for the delay. According to our findings, this is a 3ds Max issue. It's reported to Autodesk. I will try to dig some deeper and see if there is any way we could prevent it.


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