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Spherical camera issue

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Hi, in B2 when rendering a spherical camera for VR purposes, it results in pole pinching. In previous versions everything was fine. Someone has noticed it?

Hi there, Thanks for finding this. I never saw it until now ;) I just tested one of our 360 images and can also confirm this anomaly. Can you share your camera and render settings so we're on the right page? Thanks

Sure, here is the file. Thank you very much!


--- Quote from: marcotag on 2018-11-30, 09:10:13 ---Sure, here is the file. Thank you very much!

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Looks like we both have the same settings which is a good sign. I'll add this to our internal bug reports. Thanks again ;)

Hi again, could you possibly test your renders with other 360 viewers and share your results? This may be viewer related. Also, what viewer did you use in your image here? Thanks.


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