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Which is the latest (and considered best) way to convert in this case Vray proxies to Corona? Is that the script that is executed by the converter in Corona 1.4?

I'm suspecting this script causes some severe crashes for me. I have some work done in Vray that I've moved over to Corona and I can save the file fine up to the point I'm using the proxy converter. If I convert the scene with the 'convert proxies' unchecked everything is fine, but if I run the proxy converter it will crash on save. The conversion appears to work and the proxies are Corona proxies, but the scene eventually crashes

Are there any documented limitations on the proxy converter? I'm on Win 10, Max 2016 and Corona 1.4 with Forest Pack 5.05

Please report any crashes directly to the corona devs (in a thread in the bug reporting section, with a minidump and/or scene if possible). The script can do a lot of stupid things, but if it creates a proxy that crashes max then it's definitely a corona problem ;)

There are no known issues with the proxy converter afaik.

Ok, will do. At the moment I need to finish the scene in Vray, but will come back with a report then.

So I interpret your answer with that it shouldn't be a problem to convert Vray proxies even if they are part of a Forest Pack scatter?

Small update :)

*v0.05 - [2016/06/28] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- By user request: When a group is selected prior to opening the exporter, the "Combined Proxy name"
textbox is set to the name of the group when the exporter rollout opens


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