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hello! I don't understand:  the license stopped, and in the "about" pop up, it's the 12/09 wich is given as activation date; But I have all my payments clear, since the last, the 26 of august, to the 26 of september, ├žin the suscription... I have impoirttant assignments on fire, how to reactivate corona?????
I don't like to say this, I'm not usually a grouch, but this kind of problem, if it lasts, condemns a professional use of corona!

I ve tried to re install, but , although I can log in on the corona site, so my password is ok, I have on the pop up "corona renderer licensing: "error: invaluid email or password"...   So what happens!!!

really don't know how to do; the pop up say "contact us"... where? here???

The quikest way to get help, would be to open support ticket at but in any case i wouldn't expect to team's attention until Monday.

Thank you, Romullus!! it seems rthat, for any reason, the password was rejected by corona, but not the corona site; I ve desinstalled, re installed, change the pass for a new one, and apprently the license is actually active; Don't have time now for a try, but uit's a progress...


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