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johan belmans:

--- Quote from: SandrineC on 2019-07-10, 16:47:28 ---
--- Quote from: bluebox on 2018-12-12, 18:37:13 ---Looking for Pulze alternative. Anyone seen some batch render plugin that lets user define custom layer setup and output resolution for each image ?

--- End quote ---
Do you ever try vexus tool ?
You can setup for each cam, specify a resolution, object selection, layer selection and xref selection
For the moment, the most fully tool that i found. Maybe too much complicated for mostly users but completly customisable

--- End quote ---

You should take a look at RPmanager.

You also have BatchCameraRender

Like the standard batch render but with more options to specify all you want by camera (Region, post script...). Yan also can use tag path to create automatic folder :)

Whos interested on a Pulze manager like plugin, and what do you look for on it??

Can anyone recommend good third-party material browser tools, such as vizpark Material Manager (3ds Max) or Browser Pro (Maya)?

Zeynep Seyhan:

      I can not find Grass Generator anywhere. All the links direct to Matissa Website and it seems its a fake website. Anyone has an idea about it?


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