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Chaos scatter Renders Non renderable objects. / and a wish list for it


If i add a non renderable object , chaos scatter will render it. Just create a box, go to object properties and uncheck  Renderable, make a scatter with it and you will see.

*Another thing is that i want the ability to add dummy objects to a scatter, that way i can create interesting effects when using Itoo Forest (in forest i just add an object and disable it) +
*On other topic, it will be nice to be able to change all the objects Frequency at once. if you have 5 or 10 objects in your scatter you need to change it one by one..


To make sure clarity and organization, It would be nice if you submit one request per thread.

We have logged your first and second requests in our system for further review by our devs.

With regards to your first request: (Internal ID=1072337242)

Regarding your second request about the ability to add dummy objects to a scatter, you can use any geometric primitive such as a box, cone, cylinder, etc. as a dummy object by applying a ray switch material. This ensures that the dummy object does not affect the GI, reflection, or any other property in the scene. You can use this as a workaround solution.
(Internal ID=1072338179)

As for your third request about being able to change objects' frequency at once, you can do it using a simple max script, which is as follows:

--- Code: ---
scatterObj = $ChaosScatter001
frequencies = scatterObj.modelFrequencies

-- Set the new frequency for all objects
newFrequency = 7
for i = 1 to frequencies.count do
    frequencies[i] = newFrequency

scatterObj.modelFrequencies = frequencies

--- End code ---

Remember to change the frequency using "newFrequency = Any Number"
(Internal ID=1072352548)

Thanks for the response !
For all the points it would be great if some simple solution can be made, having that code at hand is not super simple for all the users.


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