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Where do you download Phoenix - Premium Sub

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I must be totally blind! haha I can't for the life of me find where/how to download Phoniex (covered in the premium subscription right?) to install it. Going through "My Chaos" I just go round in circles of Corona 9 Hotfix or Corona 9 download links OR Chaos Trial download which only gives me options for downloading VRAY.

I'm sure given that I am paying for the Premium sub that I am doing something stupid so apologies but given that I am on a client deadline I thought just best to ask.

I was hoping that there would be a simple upfront download all supported/covered plugins under my account but that doesn't appear to be the case. Any help in this would be awesome.


OK just in case anyone else has this problem, I contacted the Chaos team and I was given a download link which has worked.

I've then had another look sort of thinking "how would I get to that???" well it turns out there are two... I guess one being "obvious" way of getting to it lol but essentially at the top of the page of your chaos page go to "support" at the top and then there is a download your product link or the more obvious one at the top of My Chaos Active Products there is a link at the top called downloads.

Not sure if its because I am sleep deprived from looking after my son who isn't sleeping well haha or the navigation feels a little hidden, either way I've found what I needed and I had a super quick response (6 mins) so yeah. Pleased with the service :)

Hi, the link is

Once you finish a Premium Subscription purchase in our online store, you should receive an email informing you about the basics. It should also include a note where to find the additional tools.

Hey Maru,

Thanks for that too,

I think its a mix of "maybe" it being not THAT obvious but also more likely that my Son has not been sleeping well recently and having a large amount of sleep deprivation + work overload is frying my senses a bit haha.

Again, thank-you for the help :)

No problem at all. Actually, the Corona UI and moving around the website should be easy even for a sleep-deprived user, that's a good benchmark. We will see if we can improve it.


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