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Instanced object frequency based on z position


I'm working on a project where I need to scatter a lot of different trees, where pine trees on the top of hills gradually blend with deciduous trees further down. Currently looking at having to create individual splines for these two types / groups of trees, and manually adjusting to blend them together - in order to get them transitioning in a natural way.

It's probably going to work just fine, but I was thinking that this process would be a lot faster if we were able to set the frequency of objects on a surface based on their Z value. I don't know how this would be implemented or how hard it would be, do you have something like this planned in the future?

In my specific case, it looks like there is close to a frequency of 1,0 for pine trees on the top of hills, then closer to 0,05/0,1 at the lowest level (where you have mostly deciduous trees). Of course if you were able to clump certain types together this would help as well (I know this is already being worked on).

Please advise if this is already possible and I missed something :D Really enjoying the functionality and ease of use of the scattering tool by the way, great work on it!

As a workaround, you could use different gradient maps applied to your terrain as density maps for the different tree type scatters. For example, tree model 1 could be scattered on gradient ramp 1, tree type 2 on gradient ramp 2, etc.
The drawback, unless I am mistaken, is that there would be no collision detection for the different tree types. This should be fine if there are no closeups.

Thanks for the suggestion! Will be using this method for now. :)


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