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omniverse and USD usecase for arch viz?

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I was wondering if anyone has had a go at Nvidia's omniverse and the USD format in a production setup?

Been trying to read up on things and watching their stuff on youtube, but I'm still not sure what it would benefint us. I can see the USD format and use of omniverse to maybe be relevant cross software suites. I.e. people sitting with a revit model, could share and visualize the exact same images as people with 3ds max, sketchup, rhino etc. Maybe also all could use the same asset library? Is this the gist of it or am I missing something? Else I can't see the benefit of it vs corona or any other renderer really.

I thought 3dsmax supported USD as well?  I believe Omniverse has a realtime rendering engine as part of it's suite of tools. From what I can gather, it's primary focus is on 3d realtime rendering and simulations. Could be very useful for Archviz, especially for VR/walkthrough application. Kinda seems like what Unreal Engine can produce? Def worth looking at if you want to expand your skillset. VR is going to blow up in the coming years.

USD is indeed supported in max, but I just don't see the use case in archviz right now as described in my post. Hence I was asking if someone had any experience with it in that regard. For walkthroughs/VR there's a bunch of other solutions and the "VR is going to blow up" has been said for years now :)


--- Quote from: Jens on 2022-04-12, 18:47:13 ---there's a bunch of other solutions

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May I ask what other solutions you'd prefer?


--- Quote from: Jens on 2022-04-12, 18:47:13 ---... "VR is going to blow up" has been said for years now :)

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This did give me a chuckle! It has been said, several times, across quite a time span. I personally love VR, but I can see why it hasn't got a wider reach or adoption yet - even though I love it for gaming, it is rare that I can be bothered to take the time to set it up despite how much fun I have with it. I still say it gives a true sense of "space" in renderings that I don't get from a 2D image or even from an animation, just an instinctive and immediate feel of the dimensions of a room or object, which is a wonderful feeling. But we are still waiting on cheaper, easier to set up, more comfortable to wear before it becomes widely adopted. One day, one day.....


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