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Shawn Astrom:

Hey Guys, attached is a simple shader graph that was working fine before I saved it. Once I re-opening it in C4D it longer works correctly.

I think the culprit is the layer shader. Also any time I made changes to the nodes / noises the IR rendered nothing...

Thanks guys!

- Shawn

Hi Shawn, can you go into more detail when you say it no longer works correctly? What was happening prior that isn't happening now? Was this made with an older release of Corona?


I can also confirm that any changes made to 'Bump' or 'Corona Normal' (with a C4D 'Normalizer Shader' loaded) doesn't update in the IR. I have to restart my IR every time I make any updates to a bump or normal shader using the Node Editor. I haven't tried if it works without the Node Editor, but I'm using the Node Editor all the time now, so would of course be great if IR worked perfect with it.

If I use the 'C4D Layer Shader' (in the Node editor) and connect it to 'C4D Normalizer' (to convert a Black and White texture to a Normal Map) and then load this in the 'Corona Normal shader' then it doesn't work. If I delete the Layer Shader though, then the 'C4D Normalizer' works again and my textures are converted to normal maps that can be used in the 'Corona Normal shader'.

I am using the latest official Corona release on a Windows 10 workstation.


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