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Corona 1.3 Benchmark

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Hi Tom!
The computer technician solved the problem by updating and optimizing the motherboard bios and updating all drivers including windows, in fact it had never been done in 5 years of computers! :-)
Thanks for the support

Thanks for coming back to report the cause and solution! It's always useful to hear, and may help others in a similar situation. Glad all is resolved for you now!


--- Quote from: fobus on 2022-06-19, 17:10:17 ---Dual EPYC 7T83 with 256 GB of old 2666 MHz RAM - 9 sec

--- End quote ---

Just wondering how much Ram you have in your system and how is the RAM fitted in the system, 4 channel or 8 channel?
We just got a Dual EPYC 7773x and we're averaging 20 seconds on the benchmark which seems super slow.

Just wondering what do these numbers mean at the end of the CPU column?

Normally it means the number of physical CPUs. But it also means that sometimes our benchmark does not detect that number correctly. :)

We are working on a new benchmark where this (among other things) will be improved.


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