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Polygon Selections and Embedded Alpha

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Timm Dapper | Laubwerk:
Hi there,

I'm currently working on adding support for Corona to one of the next updates to Laubwerk Plants. There are two problems I am running into related to this:

* We are using polygon selections to assign different materials to different parts of the plant (and also to switch materials as seasons change). It seems like Corona for Cinema 4D doesn't support assigning materials to polygon selections. I attached a simple test scene that shows the effect.
* We are using an images embedded alpha channel to cut out the leaf shapes. It seems like there is neither a switch to use the embedded alpha in a texture (that's the way the Cinema 4D material does it) nor does Corona support the layer selection (which would let me choose the Alpha layer explicitly in the Bitmap Shader).
Would be great if these issues could be addressed in an upcoming update. That would allow us to roll out Corona materials for all Laubwerk Plants in the next update, which would be really exciting for us! Keep up the good work!


Timm Dapper | Laubwerk:
Just as a quick followup. The problem does actually not show up for every model, but the ones that have it, seem to have it consistently. Let me know, if I can be of any help to get this figured out.
I attached a quick test render of a different model that doesn't have the problem (and I created separate alpha images for to work around the embedded alpha issue).

minimaldesign - Blaž:
"C4d Corona is for brave ones now" :)

Ludvik Koutny:

--- Quote from: minimaldesign - Blaž on 2014-10-27, 12:10:53 ---"C4d Corona is for brave ones now" :)

--- End quote ---

Yup, but that does not change anything on the fact Corona team should always do their best to help 3rd parties to support Corona ;)

It is nice that you develop  Laubwerk Plants for Corona, it takes some time for all things snap into place. One day when Corona for C4D becomes fully functional, it will be nice to have Laubwerk in toolbar.


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