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Custom Fresnel Curve


I'd very much like to see implemented the ability to use a custom Fresnel curve per material. A curve per RGB component would be awesome.

this would have to be implemented in the core first, so it is currently off the table

I know that is too much stuff to be implemented before you consider the custom Fresnel Curve, but this is a very import feature that allows to tweak reflections and make materials look a lot more realistic. Since I started to use this in Vray, I'm getting a lot more control and making the materials to look exactly like I want.
I'd be very happy if you could consider to implement it in the future.

It´s the same for blender :( There is no possibility to get proper material setup like in 3DSMax, because no maps are useable :( I tried to add Cycles- Maps into Corona Window, but it´s not possible. It would be really helpful if you would implement the curves in time :)

I'm new to C4D, but will the filter shader not work for this?


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