Author Topic: Size of Sun and Clouds  (Read 640 times)

2022-10-20, 17:02:39


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Having clouds right inside Corona is a great addition and with a lot of adjustments, can look really good. Maybe this isn't a bug per-se, but a needed improvement for future builds.

One thing that is not realistic and potentially an issue is the size of the sun disk. What I mean is the edge of the sun's visible disc will not be occluded by the clouds unless the CENTER of the sun goes behind a cloud. It's a black and white issue. Either it's completely blocked by the clouds, or it is completely visible in front of the clouds.

This issue can be somewhat hidden with a nice bloom and glare, but you will still get a sudden blocked effect with just a tiny bit of movement.

In this image, you can see the sun is only 1 degree lower and it's completely blocked. In the first image, we should be seeing the sun partially blocked with a lot of light bleeding on the edge. This test was done using r20 (I was rendering in r25) so I will test it in r25 soon.

Mac OS Monterey
C4D r20
Corona v9.0

2022-11-02, 13:54:20
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Hi there, we have this logged! :)
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