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Why doesn’t Mega Scans/Bridge support Corona?


Hi guys, I wonder why Corona is the only renderer that is not supported by Bridge. To import assets I often have to change the render entine back to Standard or other to just import and asset, and then change it back to Corona and re do the material. Not ideal.

Can’t Corona devs and Quixel devs have a chat?

Maybe it's just for C4D? I recall it working correctly in max


--- Quote from: ShynnSup on 2022-05-09, 02:29:27 ---Can’t Corona devs and Quixel devs have a chat?

--- End quote ---

I have written to them. Let's see what happens....

I also wonder how to add bridge to v9 and S26. I got all working in R25 and v8. And indeed it feels silly to have to set the standard render otherwise bridge won't import assets.

The official word from Quixel is: ''We have no known plans to add Corona support to our Cinema 4D plugin. Users must manually import assets''.


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