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Normal Maps in V8 RC5


Maybe I missed a memo, but over here, Normal Maps behave very "different" to what they used to. I needed to render an old project, and everything came out a bit weird. See screenshot attached. Am I the only one with this problem? Couldn't find helpful topics with the search.

Hi there, what is this texture you're using? Are you able to share it with us?

Looks like the classic 'Invert Y' issue. Maybe the tick-box got unticked after the update?

Speaking of which - it would be really good if Corona Devs could clarify when the Normal maps needs to have the colours flipped? Ie say which colour needs to point up, and although there are not often options - is it the GX or DL model that Corona prefers?

I think if using GL model with Cyan up then you need to Flip Y. Is this correct?

Nost of the time I just guess :)


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