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I was just watching the greatly detailed tutorial with a big section on Scatter over on the YouTube channel. Very nice. I have a couple questions.

One thing I use Mograph Cloners for is cloning cars to fill parking lots. There is a Grid setting in the Cloner that makes this very easy. What's the best way to achieve this in the current version of Scatter? Would I have to create grid of splines?

I guess a follow-up is does Scatter always need an object to scatter on? With Mograph, I can make a large grid (x,y and Z), add a Random Effector and create an organic area of Clones.

Is Scatter a good tool for very organized clones I guess is my big question?

You are probably looking for the UV Grid mode.

You can also distribute "clones" in a 3D bounding box, but AFAIK you always need an object to distribute on/in.

OK, I'll play around with that more. I know I can always disable rendering for the surface too. Thanks for the info.

Oh, one more question. When using Spline Excludes, is there any way to soften the transition between clones and no clones?

I agree that the controls for this are awfully bad to see and hidden in any layout (you need a really wiiide AM).
Let's hope for a service pack to fix that!


Ah right. Now I remember that from the video. Thanks again!


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