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Corona UI a bit ... lengthy since v8


Hi there,
maybe I'm the only one wondering why the Corona UI drifted towards endles long, unnecessary rows of adjustable stuff. I mean, I like settings. But why having a checkbox for every tone mapping parameter? Why stack all settings upon another? There are lot's of cool ways to organize your stuff, so not to scroll like crazy till you can adjust f.e. the dof settings. Sorry for doing two quick'n dirty examples of how this could look like.

Same with the "physical" material: Why put Base and reflection parameters AND bump (?) mapping in a base layer, but complex ior & base tail in advanced. I know, it is "advanced" (wow), but following logic, it's in the wrong place. Maybe it seems wrong, to seperate base (diffuse/albedo) from the reflection layer, but on the other hand: maybe it's not a good idea to put dielectric and conductive shaders in one cluttered interface, either.

Soo, this is just food for thoughts. If someone explains to me why all this scrooling and seeming unlogic interface is a really good idea, i'll happy to read about it :-)






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