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Evaluating Corona vs. Octane (vs. Indigo)

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--- Quote from: frv on 2022-04-25, 15:01:45 ---Speed is something else indeed. For me the whole interactive process is much more important than actual renderspeed for the final images. I do mostly architectural design work. Time to first pixel is important to me and it seems that renderengines don't differ much in this aspect.

--- End quote ---

While I prefer Corona over Octane from the first playing around, this point is actually what made me giving Indigo another chance. The preview of Corona is okay, but it doesn't render my Surface Spread trees. It renders Chaos Scatter instances of course, but it is not nearly as fast as Indigo preview, which renders all vegetation I throw at it very fluidly.

While general render speed of Corona's CPU renderer is more than sufficient (slower than GPU, but not that much), the visual feedback in Indigo preview viewport after just a few seconds is much closer to the final render result than in Corona preview.

8GB VRAM seems no limiting factor with my current scenes. Not sure how dead Indigo support actually is and if I will encounter any roadblocks when working with it. If so, I will probably choose Corona over Octane.

also note that IR shows an approximation of full render, and on occasions you'll likely find a missing feature
there's comparison list somewhere...


There is no question Corona would be the more future proof option with more support, but I am frozen at R21 and plugins from 2 years ago anyway.

no problem, corona supports older versions way back to R14, so I think you'll be in good hands for quite some time...

then, w/ CPU engine there's no pre-loading/pre-computing (just parsing) which means faster startups, especially noticeable in animation renderings, with modern disks you also have almost limitless memory at your disposal, and not to forget  - pool of talent, great & lively community w/ many tricks up their sleeves and wizards  always willing to wave a magic  wand :D   

finally, my condolences on Indigo
I too hope its devs give it some TLC, since they left OCL engine and few plugins somewhat unfinished. What a jewel it could be... Yet still, they instead of at least sharing a word w/ their user base keep silent, putting all their energy in Substrata.
which reminds me so of Next Limit's (M~R) falling down for RoomBox

Hubris never plays to loose, not even with time. Or be it money. Both are good servants, but neither good master.

Challenge yourself & experience them all. Just start those engines :)

knowing most c4d render engines, i also can recommend Corona from full heart, in special new v8 makes it one of the best C4d render engines for me at least.

 if you have a proper cpu it is not much slower than a gpu, with all the advantages of cpu rendering (more stable, no driver hassle, more features, better c4d native support, no export to card before render)


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