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Evaluating Corona vs. Octane (vs. Indigo)

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Thanks for the kind words Stefan xo

I played around with a few Forester trees at max leaves setting. Although I chose Indigo to render I got a warning from Corona that my 64GB of RAM are full. After uninstalling Corona Indigo was able to render the scene with 8GB of VRAM although it took quite some time to set up the scene. That was my only excperience with the "advantages" of CPU rendering. Of course that was purely anecdotal and could been whatever sideeffects of mutliple installed renderers. Maybe if I find the time I will reproduce it with a more straight setup.

On the other hand I haven't experienced any driver problems or instabilities yet with Indigo, just some problems with material previews (on top of most materials needing to be replaced, built or at least adjusted).


--- Quote from: frv on 2022-04-25, 15:01:45 ---In SurfaceSpread you need to assign a camera which is not practical if you have many different camera's and scenes....Chaos scatter also scatters over different surfaces with a set factor for how much on each surface is scattered. I don't think Surface Spread has that.
--- End quote ---
Nope, you don't have to assign a camera to surfacespread for camera clipping. by default it uses the render camera. You can drive all aspects of scattering via vertex maps & co. So yes, you can finely adjust scattering on different surfaces, too.

SurfaceSpreads only drawback is really strange: It's getting extremely slow at some magic clone-number (never figured out which). So sometimes it's faster to duplicate one cloner several times with different seeds, than just using one cloner.

Now regarding CPU vs GPU:
GPU is faster, most of the time. There isn't more startup-blah-whatsoever. It's way faster from A to Z, and more responsive. Especially Octane. Maybe not with some special heavily textured scenes, I don't know. Regarding geometry, those GPU renderers can chew up a lot. Besides that: When using displacement, I regularly get short-on-memory notices from Corona. And sometimes it even stops rendering, because of that (only UHD, nothing too big). The hassle is the same. And if you start doing animations: Be ready to get frustrated at some point.

Besides that, Corona creates the most beautiful images out-of-the-box. IMHO that's the biggest seeling point. You'll have to invest quite some time, till you get the same image quality with Octane & Co.


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