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v8 Release

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Thanks! Believe me, you will know once the official release has happened :) We are working to make that as quick as possible, once we are sure everything works and users won't run into some frustration or other .

i think its official out now :)

Well Tom, I have news for you. I knew about this because of the post on Instagram and the Chaos newsletter i received announcing the release of version 8. Doesn't appear to be a "test".

Didn't see Stefan-L's post until now. I guess it's out then. Based on Tom's comments, seemed like it would be longer.

Right, once out in newsletter and on our socials, it is final and live :) Exactly what I meant about you will know once it is live.

That was actually longer than we had hoped for, a couple of teething troubles that took a wee while longer to resolve, but we got there. It was never a test in that phrasing - we were testing things to make sure they work, but not a test in the sense of it might become "unlive and be reverted". Things went live in stages, so that other things could be tested and issues resolved, so that then we could tell everyone once everything was working and there wouldn't be pain points or frustrations where users ran into an issue.


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