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I see that v8 is now officially released.... is this version the same as RC5 or different? Cheers!

It's not officially released yet, still some backbone stuff being worked on - once release is official there will be forum posts, facebook posts, blog post etc. :) Patience is required here as there are many moving parts this time around with the switch in licensing, website, and more.

Also because many things are not yet working, will have broken links etc. we ask you do not publicize anything until our official announcements once everything is working properly - thanks!


Is why I asked as I downloaded it from there.

I know - but it's not officially released yet, as mentioned a lot of other parts (purchase system, licensing system, etc.) still to go. Website is like that just for testing (and some bits broken for now). Official release will be very official - forum post, social media post, email to all users, and until that happens it is not officially out, simply in process. Again, we ask not to promote this as things will be broken for a while yet due to the massive changes happening all at once - thanks.


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