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Hello! Merry Christmas everybody!!!    I can t get a web conne tion wher I am, for my working computer. Just going valleys, with a phone. So I  opy the request code, and go to corona-renderer- customer, but I can just have, as activation code, a very very loooong code. Is it the only way to activate manually???

Well, I have a hard time, trying to activate manually. Apparently, the activation code needs a nearly whole page, with O and 0, and it is nearly impossible, even with obsessional neurosis, to copy it without error. I know, sounds easy, well, just try! Really, it would be Helpful to get a momentary code, simpler!!!!!!!

I'm not really sure I know what you're talking about as far as licensing goes, but one trick to see characters and numbers more clearly is to paste that info into a text file and change the font to something like these to make things more clear.

Hi there,

Can you please try activating using the Corona Licensing Server as mentioned in this article?

Hi Celmar, did you manage to sort this out?


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