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Extremely Slow render times

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I wonder why did you set render pass limit so high? 50-100 passes should be more than enough for your scene, especially since you also use denoiser. Render time would be a fraction from what you get now.

Armand Rudy:
Hi, I tried 100 passes but I still got noises in the shadow under the balcony... I don't know why... I will try again... But for this scene, my computer is running out of ram, maybe this could also be the issue.

I am still banging my head trying to understand what's eating the ram away so much...

32G is doable but not ideal. I would recommend 64 as a bare minimum tbh. BUT if you were able to share the scene itself we could take a further look

Armand Rudy:
That's the issue, we will always need more ram, I heard of people running out of 128GB of ram. Looks like it's not an exact science. It may be one of the limitation of CPU renders. I am not too geeky but from what I have read online, GPU renderer like redshift can handle millions of trees with an 8gb GPU.

The issue is the ease of use and it's going to cost additional money, I am sure a lot must be done before getting accurate renders in redshift, but I am looking into it as well, If I can't manage to render this small scene on a CPU render, I must at least try GPU.

I have already invested on this setup and my next upgrade must be justified by more income from clients, so I am afraid adding or upgrading RAM is out of the question for now.

The scene is 700MB plus the texture folder it's around 1.5GB. Should I send it via wetransfer?

A low-quality HDR can produce bad shadows and noise. Also, if your system is running out of RAM it will swap with the hard drive which is dramatically slower unless you have super fast SSD. Also consider the resolution of your materials. In my opinion, only the trees near the camera could use such high resolution textures. It's just overkill unless you are rendering different shots in the scene then that makes sense. C4D loads all of those 4k and 6k images into RAM. I don't know the sizes you have, but I can imaging each of them could be hundreds of MB or more for each one. That CPU is not world-shattering speed-wise. I see online it's does 12195 in the Cinebench r23 multi-core test. For example, my 5-year old iMac Pro comes in around 16737 in multi-core. Either one is nothing compared to Threadripper 64, but then again, that $4,000 USD just for the CPU. I get it.

What I love about Corona is you can still get decent speed on older CPUs. I think it's a matter of learning to adjust your scene for best optimization.

Do a quick test. Change your sky to Physical Sky (no HDR). Maybe add a Sun to match your shadows. Set your settings to match mine to override all materials and render a test. Try 100 passes or use the Noise Level Limit to 5 and hit render. See if you still have noise. If you do NOT, then I suspect it's the HDR creating the noise.

Sorry, I'm rambling a bit. Post back your results. Good luck.

Another thought. If it really is such a small area giving you trouble, consider rendering just that area with more passes, then just paste them together.


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