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Extremely Slow render times

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Armand Rudy:
Hi everyone,

I recently invested in a New Machine thinking it would help me work with Corona smoothly.
But I noticed some very slow render times on my recent render a very basic scene with a little amount of vegetation.
I have 55 trees and 500 grass models scatterred. The render is taking 10 hours with Cinema 4d and corona 7
Most textures used are between 6k and 4k.
I instanced everything except the house model. Render resolution 2560x1600. HDRI lighting only.

My Computer specs : Ryzen 7 3700x
                              32 GB RAM
                              RTX 3060
Before I jump into a GPU renderer. I wanted to see if the issue is coming from my ignorance or maybe Corona is specifically dedicated to rich 3d artists and enthusiasts who can only afford 38 cores CPU

The render and render settings are attached below


I know you said you switched to a new computer hoping for faster speeds, but have you recently updated c4d? There were a lot of fixes in the latest version

Armand Rudy:
Sorry I didn't know, I am currently using S24, so if I update to S25 will my problem be solved? I thought Corona render was a third party render engine.
How can Cinema 4D cause it to render slow ?
Excuse my ignorance, I am not too geeky.

While corona is the renderer, c4d is the program that corona runs on. So is c4d has flaws it will most likely effect any engine. However, some people have preferences on what version of c4d they use. if you update to 25 the UI will be changed and might effect your workflow for a while. Personally, I always use the most recent version and just adapt to the UI.

 There could be numerous things causing this issue for you but my first thought would be to clean up temporary files, update drivers and windows if available, and update c4d.

Armand Rudy:
Thank you, I will do that...


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