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Skip beauty pass?

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Hi everyone, first post here! I’m looking for a way to skip the beauty pass in a render. If I could, for example, only get the ID and depth passes, without waiting for a complete render. Is that possible?

I don't believe you can do that w/ Path tracers. IIRC, passes come freely, they just take more memory. And so, even Z-Depth pass needs certain amount of samples to become smooth.
What you can do to get results faster is to set GI mode to "None (Direct only)" and Pass limit as low as you're satisfied with.

Depends on whether the pass requires rays cast into the scene. If it doesn't (e.g. material ID wouldn't need that), you can check "Render only masks" in the General tab of the render settings for Corona.

Thanks! Only masks was really fast with depth and ID passes. Those are ones I need most, but I will try to disable GI to get a reflection pass as well.

Does the quality of the  “Only masks” option improve with more render passes?

:D I checked "Render only masks" but this image tricked me!

And I didn't bother to read it, since I was expecting a blank/black one.
Please, do make it visible. Like this...


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