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Displacement behaviour Phoenix map

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This is what concerns me most about removing the old displacement.  Although I'm yet to try the Dailies, I've never had success with 2.5D but I've always been able to fall back on the old displacement at the expense of RAM.  To remove it completely seems crazy unless you're 100% confident that the new 2.5D is completely seamless.  I'd say 90% of my scenes use displacement, the old displacement, so if this 1 feature in Corona 7 isn't seamless then the release will be redundant for me because I won't have the old one to fall back on.  It's very common to have to dig up old files in Arch Viz, because designs change over the course of years and the duration of a building construction timeline.  I'm working on one of those projects now, and funnily enough it's the same one that triggered my dislike of 2.5D.


--- Quote from: dj_buckley on 2021-04-27, 10:27:35 ---I'm working on one of those projects now, and funnily enough it's the same one that triggered my dislike of 2.5D.

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Seeing "Optimizing displacement" (2.5d) as "done" on trello is a bit sad for me as well, but it does not mean that displacement will not get attention anymore though.
As for old(er) long term projects (dealing with them myself): fortunately it is very easy and convenient to run older Corona versions (v5+) side by side with newer ones now. So I'd just keep an older version for full compatibility to work on those scenes.

Good Luck


--- Quote from: Flavius on 2021-04-26, 21:42:56 ---Changing different height values of the map gives me these artifacts. I've been rendering with this map and Corona since 2015 and now suddenly something changes and it messes up everything.

EDIT: Rendering the map as a .tiff and using that as a displacement works fine so there is definitely something wrong the way Corona interprets procedural maps, or some maps.

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I would be very interested in a scene here if possible, also which version of Phoenix are you using?



Hi there,

I made a simple scene, which you can find here

Left plane is with corona displacement modifier on top of the plane and Phoenix FD map ( Vector mode disabled so we remove some variables and make it simpler)
Right plane is with the Phoenix map baked using Render to texture from the material editor.

I am almost certain this wasn't an issue with the first version of the daily build, but I'm in the middle of the project andi don't have time to test everything out, but I am quite desperate because I cannot render the waves properly and most important thing is to keep an option for the OLD behavior !! sometimes clients wake up and just want something change on a 3-4 year old project and everything else has to look the same.

Anyway, this doesn't seem like a different thing but something broken. I am using Phoenix 4.20 but as far as I know this map has been exactly the same for ages, I don't simulate anything. It works even without a license.

I really hope there will be an option for the old behavior or a quick fix or something


Hello, there was a weird setting in the phoenix ocean map, you had increased the "velocity Coherence" to 0.8. With the default setting of 0.2 everything works for me  perfectly (corona 7 last "daily build").



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