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Crash using the AO map as a mask for a layered material.

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--- Quote from: GeorgeK on 2021-04-23, 12:00:26 ---
--- Quote from: JoeS on 2021-04-23, 01:38:54 ---
--- Quote from: Joad on 2021-04-21, 23:21:46 ---I think this might be the same issue I am having, but I have many layered materials with AO, not just one. I can render for 30-60 minutes before it crashes, sometimes it even finishes rendering with no crash. Updated my daily build, restarted my PC, merged into a new scene, but it still crashes. I am currently half way through a render, so I will see if this one crashes too.

Edit: The render didn't crash, but the next one did.

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Yeah I have found it crashes when only using a jpg black and white mask in a layered material. I think it's an issue with the new physical material. If I use the legacy materials I don't have an issue. Joad you should try using Legacy materials and see if it works.

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I cannot reproduce any crashes with any b&w .jpg mask for layered mtl + physicalmtl, so it is highly likely a different variable. Can you please isolate the trigger and archive your scene in order for us to investigate? If the file is larger than 256MB please consider the dropbox option. You can use our private uploader here:

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GeorgeK I tried to submit a ticket but for what ever reason the Captcha verification kept failing ? So I sent you a DM with a link.

(Report ID=CRMAX-510)

A small update here, this issue is now addressed and should fix any possible crashes once the new daily build is out.

Please stay posted.

Sweet ! thanks for the update.


The new daily is out. You can find it here:

Please let us know if you have any further issues with this.



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