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*You can always get the newest build at the usual location [link]*

This post is reserved to be used for compiling a full "all changes since v6" changelog as v7 daily builds get released.

Note that all changes in this build will be released in v6 hotfix, so this is more of a hotfix preview than actual v7 daily build.

* Fixed crash when Falloff Map with fresnel type and world - z axis direction is applied to refraction
* Fixed DR being stuck when rendering second frame of an animation
* Fixed the issue where having Norwegian locale lead to 3ds Max crash at startup.
* Fixed: Scatter missed update in IR causing "popping" while scrubbing timeline
* Fixed LEGION_STOP in scene with falloff + RGB multiply maps combo
* Reverted behaviour of the no tiling mode in CoronaBitmap which was causing unwanted results when used as a mask


* Added support for Ornatrix v7 (the older versions are no longer supported)
* Fixed scene parsing taking longer in each frame
* Does not fix prolonging geometry parsing, this will be addressed in the future
* Fixed crash of 3ds Max caused by our quad menu
* Fixed falloff map built-in color mixing
* Removed the old displacement method. Only 2.5d displacement method remains.
* This currently breaks combinations of displacement + light emission and displacement + fast rounded edges mode. This will be fixed over the course of daily builds
* In Corona Scatter, the parameter limiting number of instances displayed in the viewport is now colored when the limit gets exceeded.
* Added displaced primitives to the VFB stats tab
* Added new render stamp option: displacement primitives: %sd
* Displacement primitives are also published in maxscript with getStatistic(15)
* Fixed bug in Light solver precomputation that caused crashes in IR
* CoronaBitmap now automatically removes NaNs and INFs from input images


* Fixed: IR no longer crashes when deleting (model) object being instanced by Corona Scatter.


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