Author Topic: Feedback on my renders please  (Read 1067 times)

2020-05-10, 18:37:10


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Hey there.
I'm relatively new to 3d modelling and rendering and a Corona newbie. I'm looking for ways to improve my visualizations. So I'd appreciate any constructive feedback on my recent work. How would you improve the visualization?
I know there are a lot of mistakes there and it just doesn't look as good as I want it to look like and I don't know what I possibly had made wrong.

2020-05-22, 12:15:17
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First thing that pops into my mind is composition - or rather lack of it. What is it that you want the viewer to focus on? The images sort of clip on both bottom and top of the frame, so I would suggest learning about rule of thirds and most primitive photographic compositions first (this one specific article helped me a lot back in a day:

2020-05-23, 01:52:47
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hadn't seen this article before and it is fantastic. Thanks for the share!