Author Topic: textured with footage  (Read 2206 times)

2019-05-30, 19:30:45


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hello!! i have a footage of a candle flame, in .mov, but ut doesn't seems to work.. I see the picture, mapped on a plane, but as a single picture, not a footage... I miss something? thank you nfor help!!!

2019-06-02, 19:13:22
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With .avi or .mp4 it should work. I remember that these formats worked pretty good for me. Try to convert your file in one of these formats.

2019-06-03, 14:06:35
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It does work but will only show up when rendered. If you use a standard c4d material you can turn on "animate preview" in the materials settings and it will show up when scrubbing thru the timeline.
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